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Pineapple Stud Earring Silicone Mold

Pineapple Stud Earring Silicone Mold

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Introducing our Pineapple Silicone Mold - the ultimate tool for jewelry makers who love to add a tropical touch to their creations! Get ready to bring the vibrant spirit of the pineapple to your jewelry designs with our versatile mold. Available in various sizes, including 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 3/4" drilled with a hole, you'll have endless possibilities to create stunning pieces.

Crafting unique jewelry has never been easier. Our pineapple silicone mold allows you to make a variety of jewelry pieces, from shaker bits and stud earrings to flatbacks, charms, pendants, and dangle or drop earrings. Let your imagination run wild and let the pineapple shape add a touch of fun and whimsy to your designs.

Choose the silicone mold that suits your style. Our colored silicone molds come in vibrant shades, perfect for adding a burst of personality to your mold library. If you're an avid UV resin artist, our clear mold is specifically designed to enhance transparency and showcase intricate details in your jewelry.

Our high-quality silicone molds are compatible with a wide range of materials, making them incredibly versatile. Use them with resin, UV resin, clay, gypsum, concrete, cement, low temperature melt alloys, wax, soap, chocolate, and more. The possibilities are limitless! Rest assured, our silicone molds are not only food safe but also tear resistant and heat resistant up to 450°F, ensuring durability and safety throughout your creative process.

Unleash your creativity with our Pineapple Silicone Mold and bring a touch of tropical paradise to your jewelry designs. Order now and experience the joy of crafting unique, eye-catching pieces that will surely turn heads wherever you go!

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