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Poison Apple Dangle Earring Silicone Mold

Poison Apple Dangle Earring Silicone Mold

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Silicone Color

Introducing our bewitching 2" Halloween Poison Apple Dangle Silicone Mold, a must-have tool for all resin and clay jewelry artists who wish to conjure up some spooky and delightful creations. This enchanting mold allows you to craft hauntingly charming poison apple-inspired earrings, pendants, or keychains with ease and precision.

Design and Details:

The Poison Apple Dangle Mold features an intricately detailed apple shape, complete with a wickedly mesmerizing poison symbol and a delicate dangle element. The finely crafted design captures the essence of Halloween, making it perfect for seasonal creations or for those with a penchant for the darker side of things.


As a versatile artist's companion, this silicone mold can be used with various crafting materials. Whether you prefer working with resin or clay, the mold effortlessly adapts to your chosen medium. Simply pour in your preferred material, let it set, and you'll unveil a stunning and sinister masterpiece.

Clear Silicone Option:

For UV resin artists seeking to add an ethereal touch to their designs, we offer a transparent silicone version of the mold. The clear mold allows for a seamless and precise curing process, ensuring your UV resin projects are nothing short of enchanting.


Designed with your crafting experience in mind, the silicone mold is flexible and non-stick, making it easy to demold your finished pieces without any hassle. The durable material ensures that the mold remains intact through multiple uses, granting you the freedom to create an array of unique and alluring accessories.

Endless Creativity:

The possibilities are as vast as your imagination. Unleash your creativity and infuse your personal flair into each piece. Experiment with different color combinations, add glitters, or incorporate other embellishments to make each creation truly one-of-a-kind.

A Perfect Gift:

Whether you're an experienced artisan or a budding jewelry maker, this Halloween Poison Apple Dangle Silicone Mold makes for a fantastic gift. Surprise your fellow artists, friends, or family members with this delightful mold and watch their eyes light up with excitement.

Embrace the spirit of Halloween and dive into the enchanting world of resin or clay crafting with our 2" Halloween Poison Apple Dangle Silicone Mold. Get ready to bewitch your audience with charming jewelry pieces that blend the allure of the mystical with the beauty of craftsmanship. Order yours now and let your creativity run wild!

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