About Morningstar Craft Co LLC

After owning and running our own resin jewelry making company, "Simply Sweet Giftery", we realized the need for quality production molds. From there we created Morningstar Craft Co LLC specializing in high quality custom jewelry making silicone molds made for production. 

We create products to relieve all the issues we and other resin and clay jewelry making business are having. Our jewelry company was losing so many sales and hemorrhaged money from poor quality molds that consistently needed replacing to molds that had to be purchased in multiples because of too few cavities. 

Our molds are created with the highest quality silicone increasing the life of the mold. With several cavities in a single mold for efficient time saving production and less wear and tear on the mold. 

Not only do we provide the highest quality, time and money saving silicone molds for resin and clay jewelry making businesses but we also provide the quickest turnaround times on custom mold design services.