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Resin & Clay Jewelry Making for Business - Summer Edition

Resin & Clay Jewelry Making for Business - Summer Edition

Learn when to start planning your summer jewelry line, when is the right time to purchase supplies, when to create your summer inventory, the best time to market for summer shoppers, and the optimal time to list your summer jewelry line.

I’ll lay it all out on the table for you here in this blog post along with some great summer trends to help boost your imagination for new summer themed jewelry pieces. 

So summer doesn’t technically begin until June but we as consumers start planning and scoping out our summer vacations, activities, clothing, jewelry and accessories way before then. So when is the right time to start preparing for summer shoppers???? 

The optimal time to start planning your summer jewelry line is March. Yep, March Why, you ask? Well because immediately following Easter, shoppers begin to start window shopping and browsing the internet for their summer purchases. 

You always want to be ahead of the game even if the customer doesn’t buy at first sight, they will buy when the time is right for them and if you get lucky they’ll share your item on Pinterest giving your item more exposure. Who would object to that, uhm no one. 

So start planning your summer jewelry line in March. What is planning you ask? Planning is brainstorming new items, designs, marketing strategies, events you would like to attend and etc. 

To help boost your imagination and get the juices flowing, let’s brainstorm together. When most people think of summer they think of the beach but that’s not all that goes down in the summer, certain flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables and foods are seasonal to summer months, BBQ’s, Ice Cream, and Snowballs are most popular during the summer, June brides, Zodiac signs Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo, Cruises and let’s not forget the 4th of July.

Now that we have a broad list of what I would call categories, let’s dig a little deeper. We’ll go with beach.. I know, I know, you’re thinking that’s an easy one but remember, I said I will boost your imagination to get your juices flowing.. 

Of course there is the crab, seahorse, sea turtle, dolphin, palm tree, flamingo and etc but.. Have you thought of making those silhouettes in beach colors or using real sand in resin or tiny seashells?? Hmmm 

Are your juices flowing yet? What about using dried real fruit seeds in a pair of watermelon earrings?? Or BBQ grill shaped confetti. Did you know you can even use lace, pearls or rhinestones in resin to create a beautiful one of a kind pair of bride earrings?? 

Now I know I got your juices flowing so let’s move on to the best time to purchase supplies to create your new summer jewelry line.

The best time is anytime after you’re done planning but have it done by mid April. If you’re anything like me and do most of your shopping online, you’ll have to wait for all your supplies to arrive. Which moves us on to creating and listing or marketing your new summer jewelry pieces.

It’s never too early to start creating but there is a deadline you don’t want to wait till the last minute so try to have all your new items created and photographed by the end of April. 

When is the best time to list and market summer jewelry?? Anytime immediately following Easter but try not to list summer jewelry later than the end of may.

Your summer jewelry sales will begin immediately following Easter and will end in July though you may get a few stragglers here and there.

With all this new information I hope you have an amazing season and don’t forget to hire your favorite mold designer at Morningstar Craft Co. to create your custom summer earring and jewelry silicone molds. 😉😁

Let me know what you think of this blog.
Did I help get your juices flowing? 
Did I leave anything out? 
Do you have any ideas you want to share? 

As always my goal is to make your lives easier and your business profitable and successful.
If there is anything I can help you with, just reach out to me personally. 

❤️ Brandie P. 

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Love the blog. Has got me thinking. Maybe peonies, English roses, baseball caps, baseballs, honey bees, honey combs, dandelions- both the flower and the seeds. Now my mind is whirling. Thanks!

Kelly Williams

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